Desde AccessInfo nos piden ayuda por si conocemos proyectos que usen datos públicos a lo largo de europa. Ya tienen algunos recopilados. Si alquien quiere añadir más cosas, que lo haga durante el próximo par de días para luego enviarselo.

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  1. Campaigns to promote proactive disclosure on a “voluntary”
  2. Eg: campaign by Open Knowledge Foundation in the UK to promote open govt data

  3. Campaigns that target areas of

  4. eg: Free Our Data,

  5. Campaigns using national access to information laws to force broader disclosure,

  6. eg:

  7. Projects to encourage use of ATI

  8. eg: What Do They Know

  9. Projects that make use of published data and therefore implicitly push for transparency but that’s not the primary focus

  10. eg My Society (They Work For You, ?? Mapumental)
  13. ScraperWiki,
  15. Where Does My Money Go?,
  16. ExpenditureMap,
  17. Where Did My Tax Go?,
  18. Open Street Map

  19. Data Locators?



Question 1: Does your access to information law mention the reuse of the information?

Question 2: If not, do you have a separate law on reuse of public sector information?

Question 3: Does your national access to information law provide for access to:

  • a whole database?
  • documents in electronic format?
  • documents which are under some kind of intellectual property restrictions?

Question 4: Restrictions

4.1 Which of the following restrictions applies to the reuse of the information in your country?

  • The reuse only applies to the information created by the public bodies only when executing their public tasks.
  • The reuse is not possible when the information has intellectual property rights that belong to third parties.

4.2 Can public document have intellectual property rights? Question 5: Can official material be used for commercial and non commercial purposes?

Question 6: Fees

6.1 Does the (a) ATI and (b) the PSI Reuse law permit fees to be charged in concept of: - Collection of data? - Production of data? - Reproduction of data? - Dissemination of data? - Time investment of the public authorities?

Please provide copies of the relevant legal provisions.

6.2 Do the provisions on charging contradict the provisions established on the Access to information law? If so please provide details of how this conflict has been resolved in practice or in the decision of the relevant oversight body.

Question 7: Licenses

  • Is there an obligation to have a license to reuse the information?
  • Are the licenses homogenized in all the public authorities?
  • Can the licenses be requested electronically?
changed August 4, 2010